Wednesday 24 October 2012

003 Hanna Clinic

corridor light installation (front view)

The driving objective behind the beauty clinic refurbishment was to create a contemporary and professional environment that had an uplifting yet clean atmosphere.  These basic requirements of the project were adopted through creating a narrative of the dandelion flower. ‘Faithfulness and coquetry’ are two symbols of the flower that reflects the essence of a beauty clinic. Using coated white glass to cover both the corridor and reception areas amends the spaces within, creating a hygienic and professional image of the clinic. 

A dynamic strip of light is installed and wrapped around the communal areas to form a visual connection that directs you around the clinic. The exact height and position of the light informs the functionality of the space within. A back-lit mirror connects the two strips of light together at the back of the corridor, completing the encompassing circle of light whilst providing a point of reflection for patients after their treatment. 

corridor  light installation (back view)

front reception 

steel bar and in wall LED strip light

 sunflower petal design option

floating dandelion design option 

sunflower strip design option

facial room 

cupboard shelf design 

end corridor mirror 'light box' installation

design brief and concept

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