Monday 25 March 2013

012 Ling’s Boutique

Initial interior options of general look and display units

General plan and entrance view render

With a total site area of only 104 sqm², the primary design objective for the fashion boutique was to maximize the number of display items in a captivating but efficient way. The narrow site and the diagonally aligned unit front intrigued us to work with corresponding angled shapes to maximize circulation space. The floor and wall is paved with wooden veneer boards that are arranged horizontally to help widen the perceived proportions of the shop. With monotonous shades of wood decorating most of the interior and peach-red curtains covering the back fitting rooms - the space is designed to blend together as one to conceal the limitations of space and magnify the vividly coloured products on display.

Entrance view from Elgin Street

Display Dress Rail

Display Dress Rail

Display Dress Rail

Pendant light with wooden veneer wall and display shelf

The shop's hanging rail is customized to frame the dresses at standard heights through the entire left wall - enriching it as a canvas of colours and fabric. The wooden finished rail encircles the shop whilst intruding corners and shelves in it's way. It winds from the back curtains along the wall to the window front where it turns parallel to frame the display mannequin. The varying heights of furniture and rail is designed to create a dynamic and inspiring space that encourages shoppers to look across all corners of the shop.  Back-dropped against an array of warm toned woods, the dresses stand alone as floating gems on display for customers to appreciate and select from. 

Display area, cashier counter, fitting rooms and utility rooms 

Please visit the link at the Hong Kong Magazine website to read more about shop details.

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